Your project is important to us.  We are professional in all of our business relationships and in our services.  Start-up fees and services include:

  • Free initial consultation in our offices – first-time client.
  • Evaluation of grant opportunity presented – existing client – in our office concerning its fit for the client: $150.00
  • Grant research – seeking potential opportunities for funding for your project – minimum 4 hours.  Resulting information will be delivered to your organization through e-mail and/or hard copy: $150.00/hour
  • We will provide a cost estimate for the work to be completed.  An agreement will be drawn up based on this estimate.  If you agree, work will begin.
  • Fees are based on time and expenses to carry out the project.  Fee payment arrangements will be a part of the agreement.
  • Fees for writing grants applications, responding to requests for proposals, or preparing budget proposals are billed by the hour.  A majority of the work can be done with you through the Internet cutting the time and travel expense.
  • Grant writing services includes proposal narrative, needs statement and budget development, writing, submission and any required follow-up.  All of these services are tailored to the particular grant and your needs.
  • Large project – We will work with you in person if you require it.  In these cases, travel expenses are added to the project cost.
  • On-going relationships – For a flat negotiated monthly fee, we can be retained to provide grant writing services on an as-needed basis.  We are available to provide grant research, inform you of opportunities, and prepare proposals, as well as ongoing advice and consultation services.

For ethical reasons, we do not work for a contingency fee, commission, or percentage of grant award.